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I FEEL LIKE A 16 YEAR-OLD RIGHT NOW. I'M BLUSHING FROM MY HEAD TO MY NECK(YOU WON'T SEE MY TOE NAMAN E).SUPER. ALL I DO NOW IS THINK ABOUT THIS love na naman ako.times like this i need a juicy.gosh, i've been listening to roberta flack everyday. 'have to look for my old air supply tape.actually, pale fountains to death din ako.dba when your in-love corny ka? haay. wala lang(mich dulce is that you?). i wanna wear my old ruffled blouses again- reminiscent of the virginal sharon cuneta.feel like having chupa-chups dipped in coca cola(sarap yun). i bought pigeon pressed pow kanina.i'm dating him on saturday-ngek. feeling so petite these days.wanna go biking with him in's like wearing a sanitary napkin na beltless.gusto ko everything in pink.SABEEEL! THIS MUST BE LOVE!!!I LOVE YOU .... WHOEVER YOU ARE.
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and doesn't it feel grrreat?
awww you must look so cute! *nice*

its so nice to be in lurve..
Kiss Kiss Luv Luv


October 17 2002, 23:28:14 UTC 14 years ago

yes, mewl...THAT must be love! :)

kinikilig naman ako...may date ka. sana mag-biking nga kayo sa CCP.

super 80s!

ha sha sha!

KALOKOHAN ANG LAHAT! IPAPATAY KO SI CUPID!dahil sa pesteng bomba bomba na yan naapektuhan ang lovelife ko! ehhh, wala pa ngang lovelife ehhh! kansered ang date ko ate shine! i don't feel loved! gusto ko ng magpaka..........macho.mewl